About Us


ATW Group has a large 8000sqm indoor workshop, consisting of fabrication bays, indoor sand blasting facilities with a floor capacity of 25 tone and indoor painting facilities. Also approximately 10,000sqm of hard stand lay down and storage area behind our workshop. Our workshop consists of 7 overhead cranes with lifting capacity of up to 20 tones. ATW Group has the facilities and expertise to manufacture structural steel for a variety of projects.

ATW Group long term objective is to provide ongoing professional service to the industry, in order to ensure prosperity and growth, for both the company and its valued clients. Being compliant with National Code of Practice for the Construction Industry (The Code) and the Australian Government Implementation Guidelines our company is able to work on federal projects. Being a gold member member of the ASI Group (Australian Steel Industry Group) and AIG (Australian Industry Group) ensures professionalism and quality throughout our company.

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