About Us

About Us


ATW Group has a large 8000sqm indoor workshop, consisting of fabrication bays, indoor sand blasting facilities with a floor capacity of 25 tone and indoor painting facilities. Also approximately 10,000sqm of hard stand lay down and storage area behind our workshop. Our workshop consists of 7 overhead cranes with lifting capacity of up to 20 tones. ATW Group has the facilities and expertise to manufacture structural steel for a variety of projects.
Company Objective
ATW Group long term objective is to provide ongoing professional service to the industry, in order to ensure prosperity and growth, for both the company and its valued clients. Being compliant with National Code of Practice for the Construction Industry (The Code) and the Australian Government Implementation Guidelines our company is able to work on federal projects. Being a gold member member of the ASI Group (Australian Steel Industry Group) and AIG (Australian Industry Group) ensures professionalism and quality throughout our company.
The World's Leading 3D Structural Steel Detailing System
StruCad puts a unique array of powerful modeling and detailing tools into the hands of drafting professionals - providing the most productive solution for steelwork detailing. AceCad leverages over 20 years of acquired specialist knowledge of the international structural steelworks industry and this unrivalled experience is intrinsically delivered through StruCad. Many builders today are requesting clients operate with these systems, with many benefits that include, rapid model detailing, leading 3rd party integration, integrated joint connection design systems to name a small few.
The StruM.I.S .NET Fabrication Management System brings the steel fabrication industry up to date with the very latest processing, tracking, planning and reporting facilities. StruM.I.S .NET streamlines the estimating, procurement and fabrication process by providing seamless interaction between departments, suppliers and clients. Advanced .NET technology makes real-time progress reports available anytime and from anywhere around the world.
Health and Safety
ATW Group prides itself most of all on its safety record. With less than 1% in lost time injury since our safety advisor came aboard he continues to train and educate our employees with the latest in safety and implements it in a professional and easy to learn approach. Alltype Welding core principles are that all injuries and work-related illnesses can and must be prevented, management is responsible and accountable for health and safety performance, employee engagement and training is essential, working safely is a right of employment, excellent health and safety performance at work supports excellent business results and that health and safety must be integrated in all business management processes to bolster that. All relevant workplace safety information held by the State safety committees is directed to the management for review.
Quality Control

ATW Group, prides itself not only on its professional approach, but also the quality of work performed. A quality system has been in place since the company started in 1993. This quality system enables ATW Group to undertake large scale, complex projects and have them delivered on schedule with little or no rework required to the erected steel. ATW Group prides itself on moving forward with quality.

Environmental Control
Eldridge Tower Pty Ltd, Trading as Alltype Welding has implemented and controlled environmental policy, we recognize our responsibility to design and manufacture products, conduct operations, and provide services in a manner that is responsible to the environment, protective of its natural resources and protective of its employee’s health and safety. Alltype Welding will continue to improve environmental goals, recognize that protection of the environment is a company wide priority and will practice waste minimization to prevent pollution. Also to comply with all applicable legal and other requirements to which the organization subscribes which relate to its environmental aspects.

Commitment to the Industry

ATW Group is very much committed to the advancement of the fabrication and erection of structural steel industry, with company representatives being active on various committees, helping to develop costing and safe work procedures and practices.

Current and Previous Projects
ATW Group has fabricated and erected many forms of structures during the company’s history, both in the tender process or design and construct. Ranging from Service stations, Water theme parks to schools, shopping centre’s, suspended car park decking and mechanical structures for cement and power stations. The company has also assisted in the construction of many open span truss structure projects, ranging from sports auditoriums, convention centers, many large span factory outlets and a bulk storage silo. We have also exported a roof structure spanning in excess of 100m for an overseas client.

In conclusion ATW Group prides itself on the information stated in this company profile and is looking forward to the future with current and new clients, to provide and produce quality products with a friendly professional relationship

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